Non Profits

[amx_portfolio_spotlight]From our founding in 1999, we have committed time and resources to our region’s nonprofits on a pro bono and paying basis. We strongly believe in the work of these organizations and are delighted to lend our talents and resources to help ensure they can effectively communicate the difference they make in our community. Larger scale engagements such as with Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) produced their new logo and identity, Annual Reports, website, outreach materials and a highly-praised Case Statement video. Other organizations we’ve partnered with include CultureWorks, Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, The Northern Neck YMCA, The Greater Richmond Chamber and LINC. We’ve prepared Marketing Audits and Marketing Strategies for a variety of organizations, working with their boards, staff and key stakeholders to develop clear and engaging messaging. Sometimes this work is implemented by their internal staff, sometimes by MBM. That’s fine with us – as long it works, and helps them work better, we all win!


Consistent Experience

I had lunch today at Can Can Brasserie in Carytown (here in Richmond). I had a coffee meeting there on Monday. And I'm likely Read more

Weirdly Spectacular

My 7 year old nephew told me this weekend that I am "weirdly spectacular." Now, I take that as a compliment - the weird part, Read more

Jack Taggart

Jack is the epitome of great customer service. And to look at him, or hear what business he's in, you might not expect that.

First off, he's Read more

Lessons in Leadership From A Sinking Ship

I can't take my eyes off the photos from the Costa Concordia tragedy. And although it may or may not be accurate, the blame for this situation Read more

Adventures In Customer Service

In preparation for a weekend trip to Chicago, I wanted to get my dear friend Lois something unique from Richmond as a hostess gift. What better place than Tinkers to find the right item. In particular, I'm a fan of Read more

Update on Customer Service Post

The corporate guys at Radio Shack came through for me! I can't believe it. You'll recall in my post last week I'd found Fran at the Willow Lawn Radio Shack and was so impressed with her commitment to customer service that I Read more

How To Make 2 People Happy For $10

It all started when I took my mom's circa-1990 cell phone into Radio Shack at Willow Lawn to see if they had a new battery for it. Come to find out Read more

Delightful, Delovely and Delicious

We had dinner at Lehja here in Richmond the other night, and couldn't have been more delighted with the entire experience. The decor is gorgeous, the servers were overly-accommodating (without being annoying) and the food was Read more

Vintage - Retro - Cool

I've never seen Mad Men (gasp), and in the vein of true confession I was never a Seinfeld or Friends follower - I catch a rerun occassionally but I missed out on a lot of water cooler laughs over the years. But I am loving that some of the 1950's and 1960's Read more

I Know Something You Don't Know...

I just got off the phone with a lost opportunity. We didn't win an account that we thought we were a good fit for, and that lost client was kind enough to tell us why we didn't win. In doing so, he reminded me of a dirty little secret in the advertising business.Read more

The Brand Experience

I was talking with a good friend and business associate earlier today, and we were discussing some of her staff. Other than senior leaders in her company, her team is content to show up for work, do what needs to be done, and leave. Nothing more. Read more

How Much Do You Tell Upfront?

I just finished reading Anna Karenina and was enthralled with every page. It was perfect reading for cold, snowy days in front of the fire. I can't say enough good things about the story lines, the writing, the character development, and the emotion. So I won't even try. Just read it Read more

Exceeding Expectations

Today (during lunch of course) I dropped into RackRoom Shoes to see if I could find some replacement black pumps. My expectations were pretty low to begin with. I mean they're not Saxon Shoes -- but their price is more in my comfort zone. They had some nice options at great prices, but nothing that made me want to pull out my credit card. But before I Read more

The Best Kind of Argument

I spent a whirlwind long weekend in Chicago last weekend with my dear friend Lois and her family, including my godson Charlie. And when I say whirlwind, I mean Read more

Pirates and Other Good Things

Last weekend we took a last minute trip to Nags Head with my mom, sis and 5 year old nephew Robert. Over the past several years when we visited the beach with Robert, pirates have left him a map which leads him to find some of their buried treasure. Read more

Kenbridge Construction

[amx_portfolio_spotlight]MBM has worked with Kenbridge Construction over the past five years. We report directly to their CEO and assist them with creating project profiles for all completed work and organizing project spreadsheets to make searching for information more efficient. Our work has also included creating and keeping resumes updated, developing a
presentation folder, and creating a lead generation campaign to gain awareness among architects in the marketplace. One of the areas in which we provide the most assistance is with developing proposal responses (RFQs, SIQs, RFPs) for potential projects. In managing the process of writing, editing, layout, approval, printing, binding, and delivery of the responses we have gained a deep knowledge of both Kenbridge and the construction and engineering industry.


Virginia Company Bank

[amx_portfolio_spotlight]Virginia Company Bank was formed in 2005. MBM began working with VCB in 2008, and is the Chief Marketing Officer for the organization. Working through our lead contact, MBM provides product sheets, website updates, print ads and ongoing strategic guidance. Our branding campaign featuring the Bank’s well-known Board of Directors was very successful in raising the profile of the Bank and generating awareness. We also developed a Local Support Campaign with an infographic to illustrate how the Bank’s revenues, lending and deposits remain in their specific markets, rather than leaving the area (as is the case with most of their competition). MBM also assists the Bank with public relations needs such as announcing their new branch locations, developing grand opening events, and supporting their community involvement. Working with a young, agile, aggressive Bank with a limited budget continues to inspire us to find creative ways to help them grow.


INR Energy

[amx_portfolio_spotlight]INR Energy came to MBM with the need to refresh their current logo and identity materials to reflect a more modern and professional look. Once the logo work was complete, MBM then coordinated and attended a 3-day photo shoot on-site at INR Energy’s operations including mining facilities, aerial images and corporate headshots. The photography was incorporated into an updated corporate website, bio sheet and presentation materials. In July 2010, INR Energy’s West Virginia operations were acquired for $757 million by Cliffs Natural Resources. MBM drafted, distributed and managed press coverage announcing the acquisition to national, global and industry-specific targets. INR is a fast-moving company headed to its next success and we’re excited to be their partner.