I’ve never seen Mad Men (gasp), and in the vein of true confession I was never a Seinfeld or Friends follower – I catch a rerun occassionally but I missed out on a lot of water cooler laughs over the years. But I am loving that some of the 1950’s and 1960’s fashions are coming back thanks to Mad Men. Especially the pumps! As a matter of fact, I raided my mom’s closet (on Mother’s Day no less) and am now kicking a great pair of Miller & Rhodes fabric pumps with 3″ heels (embroidered) and points (also embroidered) that would catch a roach in any corner of the world.

What does this have to do with marketing? To me, it’s all about “some things never really go out of style.” Some things that come to mind (besides pumps) are good customer service, manners, authenticity, making conservative decisions when running a bank, and sticking to what’s made your business successful.

For example, we’re in the process of working with one of our favorite bank clients (all will be revealed in time) to freshen their original logo, dust it off, and bring it back into regular use — as a visual way of showing that they’ve never steered from banking the way that’s made them incredibly successful for over 100 years. And in reviewing what’s made MBM tick for these 12 years, I keep coming back to an old line that I think articulates what makes us different: we do “The Right Thing, The Right Way for the Right Reason.”

Call me old fashioned, but I’m feeling there’s a real advantage to exploring what’s vintage.

– Maggi