The corporate guys at Radio Shack came through for me! I can’t believe it. You’ll recall in my post last week I’d found Fran at the Willow Lawn Radio Shack and was so impressed with her commitment to customer service that I took her a small bouquet of flowers. I decided to also send her a compliment via their corporate website. It wasn’t easy to find the link to do that – I had to use the navigation at the bottom, run through About Us to Contact Us and selected “Customer Care” ( as the most likely place to connect with someone who’d want to hear a compliment. I wasn’t very confident.

But sure enough, on Monday at 10:30 AM this showed up in my inbox: “Ms. Beckstoffer, Thank you for the information you have provided. We appreciate the time you have taken to inform us of the wonderful customer service you received. We would like for anyone who enters a RadioShack store to have a similar experience. The information you have provided has been forwarded to his direct manager so he can be commended for his excellence. Thank you again, and have a wonderful day. Bernita Keys, Corp Operator”

OK, it’s not perfect. Yes they spelled my name right (which was only in the formal signature), and they thanked me for taking the time to connect and they talk about their commitment to customer service. But isn’t Fran obviously a female name? If they care so much about customer service wouldn’t they make it easier to compliment or complain? And what is a “Corp Operator” – I wish she had a more customer-centric title.

Anyway, I’m pleasantly surprised and have told my Radio Shack story several times just in the last week. I’m off to see Fran again this weekend to trade in/donate some old phones and find the right iPhone alarm clock/speaker system. I’ll let you know what happens next…