Jack is the epitome of great customer service. And to look at him, or hear what business he’s in, you might not expect that.

First off, he’s about 5’9 and I would guess 150 pounds soaking wet. He’s got a shaved head and a scruffy beard. I’m guessing he’s in his mid 40’s. I know he plays in a band on weekends. And he runs (but doesn’t own) a commercial cleaning franchise. I don’t mean to sound snobby. As a matter of fact one of the most successful woman-owned businesses in Richmond is a commercial cleaning company. But it’s not the type of industry that immediately comes to mind when asked “where would I go to find a good example of customer service?”

But there’s Jack. I met him a year ago when, based on a cold call and an appointment, when he actually showed up. He was confident, friendly, and immediately took charge of the situation. “Oh, I’ll bet this was a beautiful floor — I can bring it back to it’s original luster” he said eyeing our black & white tile cafe room. “I’ll come in with [the franchise owner] and we’ll get this back to gorgeous, no charge. That way we can start our relationship together with everything sparkling clean.” He had me at “Oh.”

Jack Taggart (doesn’t his name make you think of a doctor on a soap opera?) turned over the the checklists, and paperwork and [the franchise owner] took up the weekly office cleaning after the initial super stripping and scrubbing of the cafe and office. Monthly I received a call from Jack’s office asking if everything was satisfactory. It was, until December.

This morning I left a voicemail for Jack in frustration about my slippery, sticky floors (after I had exhausted my patience with [the franchise owner]). Jack called me back in 15 minutes, and was over here right after lunch with [a new franchise owner]. He was honest, apologetic, and willing to come in this weekend with [the new franchise owner] to once again get our floors back to gorgeous. And once again, at no charge.

I had planned on cancelling my contract with Jack’s company. But I’m willing to give them another chance. But only because of Jack. He was responsive, straightforward, offered to make things right and took responsibility for the situation.

How many industry leaders could you point to that exemplify Jack’s leadership and commitment to his clients? How many political leaders? How many religious leaders, business leaders, or local public servants? And what about your own company’s leadership? Not just those above you, but those below you? Do they get it – are they empowered – are they rewarded? Oh, and what about you?

Trust me, I’m asking myself the same questions.