You’re well on your way to success. You’ve assessed your brand and made the changes necessary to be relevant in the now. You’ve been strategic and thoughtful in how you’ve communicated those changes to ensure you can deliver 100% on what your brand promises.

Now what? 

Two big words in the pre-2020 business world were “disruption” and “innovation.” Companies around the globe were trying to be disrupters in their marketplace, looking for innovation in their industry and their processes. 

Well guess what? 2020 has been the ultimate disruptor, causing us all to innovate on the fly as we pivot our companies to the new normal which seems to be changing every day. 

Does your industry need additional disruption right now? Have your employees reached the apex of their ability to innovate? Now is the time to double down on your core business, making sure your strategies are sound and your key leaders have a chance to leverage their expertise.

Now is the time to optimize your brand promises and maximize your touchpoints with your customers:


The best use of your time is to document the lessons learned, review the efficiencies you’ve uncovered and determine how your organization will move forward smarter and wiser. 

Take this time to make sure your mission and purpose are sound. Make sure your organization is in alignment with itself and its values. 

Take a holistic and objective look at your company and have the courage to make the decisions needed to ensure your sustainability.


Think about how your new delivery methods are in alignment with how your customers are used to interacting with your brand.

Test and measure how your online experiences reflect the in-person experiences customers are used to.

Determine whether your customer service people will continue to work from home, and if they have the tools and support they need to deliver as expected. And if you’re outsourcing in-person deliveries to a team, make sure they understand and align with your brand.

How you do business will be different going forward. There won’t be a return to normal. You will shape the future or it will shape you. And your brand will be affected by the future you create. 

Taking these and other steps will determine how your company rises from this disruption and takes advantage of all that you’ve learned, positioning your organization for success in the future, regardless of what that brings.

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