Now is the time to ask yourself, as a leader in your organization, what is important to you? What is important to your team, your employees? What is important to your customers? It may be very different from the last time you asked. And it may be the same. It’s likely somewhere in the middle.

As you’re reading this, millions of people are determining what brands they want to bring into their homes and their lives. And they’re reassessing how they trust those brands.

Your brand is the expectations your customers, employees, vendors and other stakeholders have – based on the promises you’ve articulated and others they’ve come to expect.

Which promises can you still keep? And are there promises you can’t keep any longer? What are the promises your employees, your customers and your stakeholders are seeking right now?

People are scared and angry. People need hope. How can your brand provide a sense of security, comfort, consistency and hope?

What makes your company relevant today? It’s not a message about how “in these uncertain times we care.” Of course your company does – and so does every other company, including your competition. But what are the relevant brand promises only your company can make, and deliver on, that are going to keep people loyal to you?

What you do now will impact whether your customers will keep your brand in their lives, how they embrace your brand, and how your employees interact with your customers.

So what should you be doing now? Ask the questions that will help you

Assess your brand promise – where are the gaps? Do we have hidden strengths? Where is the most value in what we promise? Is it still relevant?

Align your ability to deliver on your brand promise – does my team have the soft skills to deliver? Do we have the technology (and training)? Are we rewarding the right behaviors? Are we celebrating our victories?

Strategize – are we ready to move forward? How has our competition changed?  Are we in the right position in the marketplace? Do our customers need additional education or training to access our products and services?

The insights uncovered by asking those questions will give your organization a better understanding of your individual brand strengths and weaknesses, positioning your company for solid footing now and accelerated success when the economy recovers.

You have a singular opportunity to ask important questions. What are you waiting for?

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