One of the principles that sets MBM and SMART Branding apart from our competition is our belief in authenticity. In fact, the A in SMART stands for Authentic.

We talk a lot about an Authentic Brand because it’s SO critical to the success of organizations and their leaders.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s critical to leadership:

1. An Authentic Brand is the north star you can test everything against. Like your mission, vision and values, your Authentic Brand is a point you can turn to to measure the validity of any new concepts or ideas.

2. Once you’ve tested a new initiative or a change with your Authentic Brand and found it compatible, it will be easy to propose and implement the changes and new ideas. Everyone in your organization will see how they fit and will embrace your recommendations.

3. Because your Authentic Brand is genuine and true, you can be assured your people will be consistent in their words and actions with each other and your customers. And they will hold each other accountable to the same standards and expectations.

For your company, your Authentic Brand is critical for these 3 reasons:

1. No one can compete directly with you because your Authentic Brand is only true to you. Your brand is built on a solid foundation and any competitors will fall short trying to replicate it.

2. You won’t be wasting your advertising dollars. Because your marketing will tell true stories based on your Authentic Brand, you’ll be able to deliver 100% on your brand promises.

3. And because you’re delivering on your Authentic Brand promises, you’re setting realistic expectations for your customers. They’ll be delighted and loyal, tell their friends about your company and the ways you consistently meet their needs to further build your reputation.

Losing sight of your Authentic Brand won’t necessarily doom your company, but success will be a long struggle. In contrast, uncovering and investing in your Authentic Brand will bring unparalleled success.