One of the principles that sets MBM and SMART Branding apart from our competition is our belief in authenticity. In fact, the A in SMART stands for Authentic.

What is an Authentic Brand?

Authentic simply means “of undisputed origin; genuine.”

So, an Authentic Brand is a brand that is unique, true, undisputed and genuine to your company.

That not only means that no one else can own that brand, but also that everyone in your company and everyone who interacts with your company understands what the brand is and sees it exhibited in every facet and interaction with your company.

That means your senior management, your production line, your finance department, your sales managers, your customers and even your vendors and competitors will define your unique and genuine attributes the same way.

So how do you know if your brand is authentic?

C-suite leaders seldom do this, but it starts simply by asking.

No, don’t ask “what is our tagline?”

Instead ask “what is our brand?” “What is unique and genuine to us?”

Hearing the same answers from everyone?

Congratulations! You have an Authentic Brand and your people understand it and deliver on it! Yay to you and your team!

Not hearing consistent answers?

Don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you don’t have an Authentic Brand.

Every organization has a unique and genuine brand.

It just means that your Authentic Brand hasn’t been uncovered and well-defined.

The MBM SMART Branding process was developed to do just that – uncover and define Authentic Brands. And our 5-step process doesn’t stop there. We help you maximize, optimize and actualize your Authentic Brand.