You can make your company stronger just by calling on the talent and ideas all around you. That probably sounds obvious, but it doesn’t often happen. So when you hire MBM and begin our Smart Branding™ Process we’ll start with careful, purposeful listening. You and other senior leaders will start the process with our inquiry into your goals for the company. But then we do what you and your staff really don’t have time for—we talk with every level of the company, from management and administration to frontline staff. By approaching these interviews in the context of branding, we hear thoughtful, impactful insights that probably aren’t working their way up to you—including gaps you need to close and strengths you’re not taking advantage of.

Our reasoning is simple. A 2016 Medallia Institute survey showed that 56% of frontline employees had suggestions for improving company practices, and 43% said their insights could reduce company costs. But a third of the respondents said they weren’t surveyed often enough or asked the right questions.

In the course of compiling all of the data we gather, we also uncover the places where your organization is not aligned. Until every department and every person understands and embraces what your brand stands for (and what your customers expect!), you’re missing opportunities for growth—so you’ll be given actionable strategies to realign your organization.