Over 30 years ago, research conducted by Sidney Yoshida showed that the C-Suite is often woefully out of touch with the real issues affecting their business. Sadly, that’s still the case, decades later. A recent Business Value Study conducted by IBM and reported by ForbesWomen’s senior contributor Kathy Caprino, showed statistics like these …

Despite the upheavals of this unprecedented pandemic, 74% of executives believe they’re helping employees learn new skills. But only 38% of those employees believe the same. That is a scary disconnect, and future success requires it be addressed.

Addressing it isn’t really difficult, either. The MBM Smart Branding Process makes sure that every voice is heard and the right questions are being asked. We talk with all levels of an organization—always in the context of the company’s brand. That helps employees feel comfortable opening up and being 100% candid.

Once we’ve gathered data from the entire organization, MBM Marketing distills that input into actionable strategic recommendations for company leadership. Armed with those, a business can realign itself around its brand and begin delivering 100% on its brand promise.