In 1989, consultant Sidney Yoshida presented a study known as the “Iceberg of Ignorance.” His work revealed that at Japanese automaker Calsonic, frontline workers knew about 100% of the problems facing the company. Above the frontline, supervisors knew about 74% of the issues, middle managers knew about 9%. And senior managers knew about only 4% of the problems in their own organization.

MBM Marketing’s Brand Alignment and Brand Assessment Processes continually confirm the Iceberg thesis: A lot of really important information never makes it to the top. And when tiers and cohorts in an organization aren’t aligned, the effects can be awful. Consider this imaginary example of mis-aligned objectives …

C Suite. We make the best athletic apparel and shoes in the world.

Manufacturing. This new sole material is probably good enough, and will really help our budget.

Sales. Top line goods are great, but we really need a $99 shoe to fit peak demand.

Customer service. Customers don’t understand our brand anymore, and 30% of what we sell is coming back.

That is an organization headed for an iceberg.

If you’re a CEO, don’t take the Iceberg of Ignorance personally. We’re sure you WANT to know everything about your organization and your people, but you have a full plate already. That’s why the information uncovered by an independent consultant can be so valuable. We’ll certainly rely on you during the process, but you and your people don’t have to take it on themselves.

MBM’s process is new, unique and unlike any other in restoring brand and organizational integrity. We’d love to tell you more. Just click on the Get Started link below.