OK, I know you’ve heard that at least 100 times in your lifetime – I certainly have. But I’m not sure if there’s an antithesis that’s as familiar. I do know, however, that the inverted version is a lesson I learn continually — or more accurately it’s one that I’m taught continually but never seem to fully grasp. For example, I neglected my Ashtanga Yoga Practice in November and December of 2010. Which means that when I started back on January 1, I was far stiffer and out of shape, and now I’m more sore than usual.

I really didn’t think that 2 months would make that much of a difference – but in thinking about it last night I was reminded that it takes about 6 weeks to create a habit, and I’d gone 8 weeks breaking mine. It also made me think about all the other smart, important, and useful things that I haven’t been doing that I should have been. The list ranges from laughing to networking to flossing my teeth to creating a personal strategic plan. It’s a pretty lengthy, and important list of neglected items – and my yoga experience has pointed out the importance of not putting them off any longer.

The good news is that even just 3 days back into the practice I’m already seeing and feeling the positive effects and my asanas are returning to their prior comfort. And I have a good feeling about the message that’s sending me regarding the positive impacts of tackling the rest of my list. What’s on your list? And what are you going to do about it?

– Maggi