OK, I admit I spent the last of February (and the first of March) on a lovely vacation. But stilll, my heart jumps and my throat tightens to realize that it’s already March. I mean, the end of the first quarter of 2011! My personal strategic plan isn’t on paper, the office renovation is at a standstill, and Kelly’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and Daylight Savings Time are all right on top of me too!

Kelly blogged earlier about New Year’s Resolutions – I don’t even want to think about those! I still can’t raise one eyebrow or juggle – resolutions from the last decade, if not the last century. I’ve had my personal strategic plan map on my desk since the end of 2010 and even took it with me on vacation thinking the quiet days at sea and walks on the beach would give me the clarity I needed to finish. Not so. Perhaps the warm Virginia spring weather will be the right catalyst?

As I’ve said in blogs before, tempus fugit. March will be gone before we know it. I know what I need to get done. Do you?

And do you have a plan to get it done? If so, send it along – I can use all the help I can get!

– Maggi