You probably know that there was an earthquake in Virginia this week – and it seemed to shake more than nerves and bricks around here. A dear friend send us fabulous gourmet chocolate covered strawberries. We heard we were short-listed for a new project. Megan told us she was moving to Florida to be closer to her family. Lauren set a date for her wedding. Courtney and I turned around two big proposals in 24 hours – and got the work for both of them! One of our new favorite clients called just to tell us how much they love us, and our work for them. Christen agreed to join our team. We made great progress on the marketing strategy for a special client. And hurricane Irene continues to flirt with Richmond.

I don’t think I have the energy to comment on all that’s happened – other than to say wow! We don’t know what Irene has in store for us this weekend, but I can promise you there will be four MBM-ers with their feet propped up watching and thinking “ha – we’ve lived through more than you can throw at us!”