We’ve been working with a local appraisal firm to create a tradeshow booth for the conferences they have coming up in the fall. Our friends at Frontline Displays worked with us along the way – from finding the perfect booth to printing the colorful graphic. We met with Frontline at their showroom a few months ago at the beginning of the project to see what the options were – and if you’ve looked into tradeshow booth options lately, you’ll know that the options are endless! There are different booth structures and frames, countless textures and colors of fabric for the graphics, even comfortable flooring for your booth!

Once we worked with the client to choose the best booth for their needs and budget, Frontline provided us with art templates for our designer. Upon approval of the design we created, Frontline handled the printing and ordering of the booth, and set it up in their showroom once it was completed.

The final product was incredible, and the graphic was so vibrant!
If your tradeshow booth could use a refresh for your fall conferences, MBM would be happy to work with you!