Tofu Turkey? Yes, it exists. In fact, one year back in the early 1990’s I even made one. Basically mounds of tofu marinated in soy sauce to look brown. Make a mound and hollow out the inside (to be stuffed with a mushroom stuffing). Suffice it to say that recipe hasn’t been revisted. Although it’s a big family joke and every year they now toast to having a real turkey on the table again. It’s one of the many things they’re all thankful for (that, and my improved cooking skills).

I’m sure you’ve already made your list of what you’re thankful for – great family, good health, a sense of humor…I’m thankful for an amazing team at MBM who’s helped our company grow and allowed me the freedom to travel more. And I’m thankful for wonderful clients, supportive vendors and partners, and business friends and associates who continue to refer us and bring us in on opportunities.

Happy Thanksgiving – Maggi