I’m headed to Austin, Texas tomorrow to explore their weirdness, and to learn how they decided in 1996 to be the “live music capital of the world” before they actually were. It’s a pretty fascinating story about a city deciding who it wants to be, committing to it, and then making that vision a reality. I’m going on the trip with smart folks from the Richmond Region as organized by the Greater Richmond Chamber.

It’s going to be a hectic trip – starting at the airport at 5:30 tomorrow morning and going pretty much non-stop until 2:30 on Friday afternoon. But I’ve been on these intercity visits before and everytime I learn more about Richmond, the people I work with, and myself. I’m really looking forward to this!

Time away, even when you’re focused on issues other than your own, can provide great insights and inspirations. I’ll let you know what I come back with….