Over my long career, I’ve encountered a lot of great people—some talented, some personable, some intelligent. But seldom all those qualities and more in a single person. My partner, Maggi Beckstoffer, is that and much more.

Maggi and I have worked together for nearly 30 years. When she opened MBM Marketing as an advertising agency, she turned to me often for copywriting and creative direction. Now MBM is a branding strategy consultancy, and a couple of the qualities she demonstrated early on have carried over brilliantly to this different role.

As a marketing collaborator, she often questioned my creative work (that still happens). But our clients now see what I experienced then: she’s never superficial or pedantic. Her questions and comments are insightful and always get to the heart of the matter.

Maggi’s and my collaboration quickly grew into a valued relationship, and that’s another quality our clients appreciate—she cares deeply about people, and it’s obvious that she wants you (no matter who you are) to be as complete, fulfilled and successful as possible. She listens deeply, and has the ability not only to hear what you say, but to understand why you’re saying it.

She not only brings a lot to business—our community also benefits from her energies. She serves on boards, supports arts organizations and charities and has a Rolodex-busting collection of friends and business associates.

I’m certain (and glad) that Maggi will always be one of my best friends and valued colleagues. She’s quick to laugh, reads voraciously, loves to converse, and has thrown out the first pitch at a Squirrels game. She really is someone you should know.