Sometimes the gods conspire against you. Today was one of those days. I was looking forward to the annual LMR lunch, celebrating my classmate Tyrone Nelson as a great servant leader – good vegetarian food at The Jefferson and networking with great friends and colleagues. I pulled up just at 11:30 and found a free 2-hour parking spot right in front! The event would be over by 1:00 so I was feeling good.

The event was lovely, and I sat with the great friends of the Class of 2011. Before and after I was able to connect with lots of great people and I left The Jefferson just after 1:00 feeling lucky and inspired. And there it was – the neon green envelope on my windshield. A parking ticket! The parking attendant was having difficulty reading his watch and marked me into the spot at 10:46, not 11:46 when surely he passed by my car. I called the number on the ticket – City Hall. Press 1 for Accounting, 2 for Public Works, etc. On the second round of listening to my options I decided Accounting would cover parking tickets. Yes, of course I could contest the ticket. In person. At City Hall. Great.

Since I was already downtown (and extremely fired up) I headed straight for City Hall. Circled the block 3 times to find a parking spot. Got ready to pay for the spot and a nice guy 2 cars up handed me his parking pass that was good for another 2 hours! Maybe the gods were changing their attitude toward me? I walked into Room 102 and there was no line! The gods were smiling down on me. I was sent around the corner to another desk to contest the ticket.

For future reference: to contest a ticket you have to go to court. You have to go downtown, in person, to sign a piece of paper to attend traffic court at another date and time. Surely there’s an easier way to do this? So the next court date is June 13th. 2:00. I have my own business, I have some significant family issues I’m dealing with. I have a life. AND I was in the right! I was not about to carve out an afternoon to attend traffic court (which would also involve trying to find a parking spot downtown again). The ticket was $20.

So, I paid my ticket and decided I would rant to the five of you who read this blog. Thanks for listening. I’ll also be having a martini around 6:30 in my backyard tonight if you want to join me for more ranting and complaining about the ineffectiveness of city governments and some of their employees (yes, I do believe there are some hard-working, time-telling, thoughtful employees out there).

Oh, and I gave my borrowed parking pass to the guy pulling in to my spot as I was leaving downtown. I hope the gods are looking down on him with a bit more benevolence…