I have been a big fan of MVY Radio for years — it broadcasts out of Martha’s Vineyard so I get to hear weather reports and ferry wait times along with a great mix from Bruce to Neil Young to Gillian Welch and The Head & The Heart. I’ve discovered Joe Bonamassa, Adele, Mumford and Sons and others through listening online at MBM (it’s our official station as a matter of fact). The DJs don’t talk a lot, but when they do they’re knowledgeable, funny and personable. And I feel like I know them.

MVY is free to listen to – and commercial free. So of course they rely on donations in order to exist. In December I was feeling particularly grateful for all the wonderful background music they provided me so I sent a small donation online. They were giving away great stuff for larger donations — everything from CDs to tickets, but I just sent a modest gift. I received an electronic thank you, which was sufficient as far as I was concerned.

And I’ve felt better about listening — a little more like I’m part of the station. So, imagine my complete giddiness when I received a Thank You card in the mail from them today. language translate . And not a computerized printed card, but an ACTUAL hand-written thank you note from Barbara Dacey, the Lunch Hour DJ! She spelled my name right and everything! And she included a blue lobster sticker!

Obviously, I’m very excited about this. It doesn’t matter that it’s nearly 2 months since my donation. But it does matter that this is an organization that understands the importance of developing a relationship with their donors. My blue lobster sticker is hanging in front of my desk now, and I can promise that the next time they ask for a donation, I’ll jump right on it. And probably increase the amount. Because maybe next time PJ Finn will write me!

– Maggi

PS – do you think they’d like to advertise that “MVY Radio is the official music station of MBM Marketing?”