Two Fridays ago, I decided to go out for lunch. I thought about what I wanted to eat and decided that the baja salad from Wendy’s would be perfect. I had tried it for the first time a few days before, and it had excellent guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and was just overall delicious!  So I drove over to Wendy’s and waited in line in the drive-thru, then paid the $6.65 for my yummy, guacamole covered salad.

I set it in the passenger seat, making sure that the cup of chili that came with it was secure and wouldn’t tip over on the 1.5 mile journey back to the office. When I took out the salad, back at my desk, there was no guacamole to be found! I was extrememly disappointed since the guacamole was really the deciding factor in choosing what I was going to eat for lunch. So, I had a salad of mainly shredded cheese and lettuce – boring! Fortunately, I checked out the back of my receipt and noticed that there was a website to go to to take a survey ( I knew I was going to let them have it in my survey responses, but once I got to the first page of the survey, there was a button to either take the survey or leave Wendy’s a comment or question – so I went right for the comment. I was able to plug in the store number and vent about my no-guacamole experience. After submitting my comment, I was told that a Wendy’s representative would get in touch with me in 2 business days.

I thought, yeah right, I’ll never hear from them! But received an email that next Tuesday from the store manager saying that I can come in and receive a replacement meal. He apologized that I had a bad experience and said that the non-guacamole was an oversight. I was pleasantly surprised at his response and the fact that he provided his personal email and phone number if I wanted to contact him directly. I don’t plan on going in to get my replacement meal, but it was just nice to be able to voice my complaint and actually have someone respond! Even though it was 2 business days later, I’d say that’s better than nothing!