Our banking client in DC, The National Capital Bank, is excited about their theme for their upcoming annual report which is all about the people of the Bank. Most of my week has been spent talking to National Capital Bank customers and shareholders to write up little articles about each and their experience with the Bank. Speaking with such nice, friendly people has made the job easy, and they all have good things to say about the Bank. It’s really insightful to hear directly from the customers, and they were all open and honest about banking with NCB. It’s interesting to hear each person’s story about how they became associated with the Bank and their relationships with the people that work there.

It has even worked out that all of the people I have spoken with are available to have their picture professionally taken at a photo shoot we are coordinating for the Bank. The shoot is on Monday, so it will be fun to put faces with the names of people I have spoken with over the past 2 weeks. Since the theme of the annual report is about all people of the bank, we will also photograph the bank staff in group and action shots. We are excited to have some fresh images of the bank employees and customers to feature in various marketing materials and on the website.

We are heading out super-early, and it should be a full and exciting day. We will have our intern, Rebecca, on hand to make sure everyone signs a photo release – and to introduce her to the Bank!

– Kelly