Everyone from Marie Kondo to the Washington Post, New York Times and even National Geographic is talking about decluttering your home during this pandemic quarantine. It’s a great way to feel like you’ve accomplished something while we’re in this vicious cycle of fight or flight (with no ability to do either).

Decluttering also gives you a chance for nostalgia as you uncover items you used to treasure but no longer serve a purpose. And you’ll probably find something you’ve been looking for that has real value, but got lost in the shuffle of life. At the end of your decluttering, you’ll end up with more clean, usable, attractive space in your home – holding on to what’s important, getting rid of what isn’t and making the most of what you have. It’s the same way with your brand.

When was the last time you looked at your brand and your company’s ability to deliver on your brand promises?

Are you holding on to concepts, processes or images that don’t align with how you do business today? Sure you want to pay respect to the foundations of your company – but do they align with who your company is today? There are ways you can continue traditions and honor your company’s history without having to retain all the pieces and parts. And I’m not just talking about logos and taglines, are there gaps in the processes and procedures that need to be realigned with who your company is now?

What about hidden treasures? There are likely some gold nuggets in your organization – strengths in how your team delivers on your brand that your clients love. Do your marketing materials talk about them? Your people hear compliments every day, but how often do they make it to your inbox? And what if those compliments are a real differentiator for your company – a way to show the market what really makes your company unique and special? Decluttering your brand can help you uncover these gems.

MBM has a proprietary process that focuses on discovering those hidden gaps and undiscovered strengths within your organization. We don’t call it a Brand Decluttering Process, but I guess we could. And it would certainly make sense right now. Let’s find some positives in this global pandemic.

When you’ve finished decluttering your garage, give us a call. We’ll help you declutter your brand.