I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and his approach to food and travel (within the context of being a pescatrian). That being said, why do so many restaurants in Richmond not take reservations? I know there are issues of people not showing up on time (solution: make it clear “all your party must arrive within 5 minutes of reservation or you lose your table”). In Boston they take your credit card when you make your reservation and will charge you a fee if you don’t show up.

Neither of these options screams “customer service” but on the other hand, many of us have turned into selfish, thoughtless consumers who have no respect for the hard working retailers and restaurateurs out there trying to make a living in a “the customer is always right” world.

At MBM we’re lucky – our clients respect us and enjoy working with us. And for that, we bend over backwards for them. But it’s more than luck. It’s a calculated strategy of understanding and defining who is a good client for us and making sure we’re all in agreement of the expectations of our relationship. And part of that agreement is that they can fire us if we don’t live up to our end. And if they no longer respect and appreciate the work and the effort we put into the relationship? “Bye bye” we say. With no reservations….