Well, it’s four days into February. Have you already forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions that you made and promised yourself to keep back in January? I can say that I haven’t completely forgotten about mine, but they have been pushed down on my list of life’s to-dos. Which is unfortunate. That’s why I intend to move them back closer to the top of my list this month. But why are resolutions so hard to keep? Are we just lazy and unmotivated to achieve them? Do we set the bar too high? When our clients have goals for the year, we think deeply about how we are going to reach those goals, methods and strategies to use, pricing involved and we determine a timeline for meeting the goals.

So why don’t we take the time to put our marketing practice to work for ourselves? If we really want to achieve our resolutions, shouldn’t we think through ways to reach them, roadblocks that may step in our way and document our progress? Uh, oh I think I just gave myself a homework assignment for the weekend.

I encourage us all to keep our resolutions top of mind. Whether it’s counting Weight Watchers points, saying the word “like” less or just trying to be more punctual, any goal is a good one to chip away at. Remember – a goal gives us something to strive for all year, and once we’ve achieved the goal we’ve set, just think how good we will feel!

– Kelly