After 11 years, MBM has finally developed a real budget to manage the company! Our delightful bookkeeper/CPA developed the expense side based on the last 3 years, and the indispensable Courtney put together the revenue side. The good news? We’re ahead of the revenue projections for 2010! The not so good news: we have to manage our spending. We’re already over for our expected consulting fees (but Steve Lux is worth every penny).

This is going to be interesting. I have a feeling I’ll be cheering on the revenue side, and Courtney will be reprimanding on the expense side. I’m not saying that I love to spend money, it’s just that we tend to be frugal on most expenses so it’s easy to say yes to a Chipotle lunch for everyone or a really fun MBM outing. But we’re looking at the need for a new server soon, as well as some new office furniture and adding a dishwasher to the Cafe.

So stayed tuned to see what happens – and if you see Courtney tell her it’s OK to buy the good champagne for our celebrations rather than the really cheap stuff…

– Maggi