“Life is a banquet – and most poor suckers are starving to death!” is one of my favorite quotes – from one of my favorite movies: Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell. If you’ve never seen the movie, or haven’t seen it in awhile – please watch it today. Trust me, it will make you smile – and think about life a little differently.

I took some time away from Gone With The Wind this weekend to watch Auntie Mame and am so glad I did – she made me laugh and made me cry just like Scarlett has, but in a different sort of way. But both of these strong women have important lessons that it serves well to be reminded of. Scarlett’s initial approach to the banquet was to take it all in, but without being aware that she was so privileged — until she lost it all. And as we all know, ever after she vowed “as God as my witness, I will never be hungry again.” She literally and figuratively understood that life indeed, is a banquet – and she did whatever she could (right or wrong) to make sure she always had a seat at the table.

Auntie Mame saw from the beginning that life is a banquet and she made it her mission to enjoy all it has to offer – meeting different people, entertaining, sharing her wealth and charm with them. She, too, lost it all – and was more profoundly aware of her loss although it was not nearly as devastating. And although she did her best to pull herself up by her bootstraps (a really funny scene in Savannah) – she was rescued whereas Scarlett had to rescue herself. But, while Auntie Mame made it her passion in life to make sure she shared her love of life with everyone around her, Scarlett continued to be focused on herself…

Sure, this would make for a good women’s studies thesis, but what does this have to do with marketing? For starters, all we marketing people are trying to get you to “live! live! live!” (Auntie Mame again) with the products and services of our clients – but I think it’s deeper than that. Those of us that see life as a banquet really do want to share that passion with others — and we do so with honesty and integrity opening the eyes and ears of the public to options we think they could, and should enjoy.

– Maggi