When a new employee goes through orientation, they may learn about how the company was founded and get a t-shirt and coffee mug with the company logo. And that’s it for brand education. They move on to technical training, benefits offered, and a mound of paperwork. Even though, no matter their role in the company, they are entrusted to deliver on the company’s brand promises to help keep the company profitable. 

It doesn’t matter if the new hire is an administrative assistant, delivery driver or senior manager – every one of your employees is responsible for delivering on your company’s brand promise. In fact, the closer the employee is to your customer, the more impact they’ll have on how your brand is perceived. All the advertising and social media posts extolling the benefits of your product or service mean nothing if the interaction with your front-facing employees doesn’t deliver.

Think about your interactions with the staff at your grocery store. They can make or break your decision to shop there next time. And how about when you contact customer service about a product issue, or visit your lawyer or accountant’s office? The person on the phone, on the live chat, and at the front desk has the ability to make that interaction meaningful, forgettable, or even disastrous.

And those interactions have direct implications on how your customer perceives the value of your brand.

How do you ensure that your employees know your brand, believe in the brand, and have the training and technology to deliver on the promises of that brand? 

Getting employees aligned with a company’s brand can be a challenge when onboarding requires so much technical training and benefits paperwork. And keeping employees aligned with the brand can get lost in the mix of office politics, measuring effectiveness and managing to efficiency.

A Brand Evaluation will help you uncover where your employees are in alignment with your brand, and where there are gaps. Those gaps can be bridged with focus and effort – but first you have to recognize them. MBM can help.