Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimization — if you aren’t thinking about it you probably should be. It seems like the bulk of our proposals and ongoing work right now revolve around planning, creating or implementing a new website with enhanced internet marketing/search engine optimization strategies. I continue to be amazed at how quickly things change in the digital world and at how Google has created such an empire by making up rules on things like ranking websites.

MBM’s business model is to have smart, stellar strategy and account management services in-house and to find the best partners we can to provide additional services that our clients might need. We bring in these resources as we need them thus eliminating costly overhead that you might find at a typical firm. As part of that model we’re always meeting with new partners and following up when referred to make sure we’re using the best-of-the-best. And in the programming world the skill level, communication ability, and reliability wildly swing from good to bad.

We’ve had some bad experiences over the years but we are so thrilled to have found some great programming, SEO and internet marketing partners here of late. Our blend of understanding marketing and our clients’ industries combined with these folks’ specific skill set has created some amazing results for our clients.

Our target clients are closely-held companies without a large internal marketing department (or none at all) who have an understanding of the importance of marketing for their organization. If you are like most of our clients, budgets are potentially still tight and you are having to make strategic decisions on where to spend your precious marketing dollars. Think about your website – what’s it say about your company; who’s seeing the site?; how are they finding the site?; what are they doing when they get there? how can you make those visits turn into revenue for your company?

We can help you – just raise your hand to be heard! Or give us a shout at 804-353-9401.