As a partner in a small enterprise, I have the luxury of controlling how much and how hard I work. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do, and if inspired, I’ll work any hour of the day—just not every hour of the day.

And from that fortunate vantage point, I’ve found myself reflecting on the times in my career when I worked like a maniac—either by unhealthy choice or in an unhealthy environment. And the uncomfortable truth is that none of those long hours and Type-A behavior had a positive impact on where I am in my career today.

I hope you’ll consider your own circumstances and take positive steps for your own mental and physical health. The reasons are simple—you’ll feel less stress, you’ll reduce your risk of burnout and enjoy a greater sense of well-being. And guess what? Studies show balance is not only good for you—it’s good for your company. Here’s a link to a great first step …

I won’t repeat everything from this insightful article in “Business News Daily,” but my paraphrasing of some of their tips will certainly get you thinking.

  1. Find a job that you love
  2. Prioritize your health
  3. Don’t be afraid to unplug
  4. Use ALL of your vacation time
  5. Set boundaries and work hours.
  6. Set goals and priorities (and stick to them)

I realize those steps are not an easy assignment, so don’t take them all on at once. But everyone reading this deserves a life with more fun. At the very least, give yourself permission to have more fun and you’ll immediately be better off physically and emotionally.