I was reviewing a 20-page  proposal yesterday, and was realizing how much I enjoy editing for grammar’s sake.  I am pretty adept in correcting grammar mistakes like possessives and plurals.  One of my favorite grammar gripes is when homophones are used incorrectly – think “your” (a possessive – example: your car) and “you’re” (a contraction – example: you’re a winner).   Other homophones I tend to come across frequently –  “effect” (a noun) and “affect” (a verb).  Another word that is easy to interchange is “perspective” – confused with “prospective”. 

There are some words I have to look up on a regular basis, becuase the grammar rules never seem to stick – like using “who” and “whom” and “lay” and “lie”.  Those are tricky, I will have to admit.  But fortunately, I have an AP style book handy which helps in most occasions, and there is always Google. 

I’m equally amused when I hear a new vocabulary word and I tend to note them when I hear them.  Recently noted: transient and cryptic.  Got any other good vocab words?