Silly songs from our childhood animated holiday specials keep popping into our heads. Kelly’s a fan of Charlie Brown and The Grinch. Megan is partial to Charlie Brown and White Christmas. Courtney wasn’t a fan of Rudolph as a child, and found it particularly disturbing when she watched it with her 3 year old last night. For me, it’s not Christmas until I see The Grinch. And then I can’t get the Welcome Christmas song out of my head.

My new holiday favorites are Love, Actually (which is a favorite year-round) and The Polar Express. In fact, my weekend plans include popcorn and, well, a Rusty Nail, in front of the TV while watching TPE.

And you? What are your favorite books, videos and libations that get you into the holiday spirit? Tell us! And be sure to enjoy them all, whatever they are!

– Maggi