For those of you who know me, and more specifically, my husband – you know we have a significant amount of “things” in boxes as well as laying about in various storage areas. To Richard they are “collectibles,” to me they are “stuff.” I’m not taking a holier-than-thou approach to this subject (although occasionally I have been known to have a mild tantrum). In fact, I take full responsibility for several boxes of photos, yearbooks, candles and other delightful and thoughtful gifts and purchases over the years.

Three years ago we boxed up much of those to stage our home for sale. In the months the home was on the market I loved living in the clean, open, uncluttered space. When we moved to our new home we left everything already stored in storage. Now I’m looking for my Christmas china and am starting to rediscover what’s in those boxes. And more importantly wondering how I ever lived without some of these items for the last three years. Now I’m fighting the urge to unpack all the boxes and take them all back into the house. Actually, it’s not that difficult a battle – most of the items fall into the category of “why have we been holding on to this for so many years?” Yep, we’ve got some personal excess baggage we need to let go of. And this makes me wonder what kind of mental excess baggage I’m carrying into the new year.

I don’t expect 2011 to be much better than 2010 or 2009 – it’s going to be another challenging year for small businesses. And I’m wondering if some of the things, collectibles and stuff from 11 years of MBM are crowding the space in my mind that could be better served with clean, open, uncluttered thinking? Likely so. I’m going to spend the rest of the year unpacking my mental storage boxes and clearing space for some fresh thinking. I’ll let you know if I come across anything worthy of Antiques Roadshow!