As Labor Day approaches, everyone seems to be snapping out of summer mode. Although no one at MBM has a school-aged child, it is certainly interesting how the school year still affects both our personal and business lives.
Back to school!

In a majority of cases, it makes sense to hold off on advertising or direct mail campaigns until after Labor Day. The obvious reason is not wanting to miss potential clients or consumers when they’re off on summer vacations. But I think it also has to do with the fact that a lot of people just slow down in the summer, even if they’re not out of town. They’re less likely to act on a limited-time offers or switch banks; but when fall comes back in, that cool, crisp air just snaps everyone back to business.

With temperatures cooling slightly this week, we’re already noticing an uptick in work as the calendar shifts from summer to fall. After the hot summer that we’ve had, I think everyone is ready for a little cool weather and a back to business mindset!