Each month we receive a Wellness Review report from our IT provider, The HelpDesk Company with all sorts of interesting info about computer security, usage, and backups. I always find the Employee Internet Usage page particularly interesting. Our top 3 sites this month were, in order, Fifa, Cake Central, and Facebook. So yes, we’re sports enthusiasts, cake bakers and decorators, and social network junkies.

We also love to listen to music at the office via Pandora, keep up with business connections via The Greater Richmond Chamber and find good looking stock photos at reasonable prices for our clients at iStock.

Any favorite websites you use regularly at work? Let me know. And as importantly, if you don’t know what sites your team is visiting on a regular basis then you don’t know a lot about what’s going on at your office. Consider this a shameless plug for our friends at The HelpDesk Company!