Twice in one week I blew it. I had chances to shine in the spotlight but instead I hid my candle under a bushel.

If you read my blue lobster blog you know I have a love affair with MVY Radio – and I’m starting to believe the feeling is mutual. Yesterday afternoon I sat down at my desk to get some serious work done, and heard my name coming out of the computer speakers! MVY found my blog and PJ Finn was telling listeners to go to our website to read the blog. Very cool. But, our site hasn’t been updated in way too long — and if this was MBM’s 5 Minutes of Fame, then we were not prepared at all! How embarrassing, and more importantly, what kinds of new business opportunities did we miss?

And Wednesday afternoon, I was attending the Chamber’s InterCity Visit orientation with 149 Richmond movers & shakers. Andy was getting us engaged and excited. He challenged us to come up with a provocative question to ask people in Boston. He called on a couple of folks to share their question – me included. I didn’t have a question. I even said, aloud, to a room full of people who could make a difference in my personal and business success, “I got nothin’.” And Andy, being Andy, totally busted me on it. People ribbed me afterward. It was another chance to stand out but I wasn’t prepared. Another wasted 5 Minutes..

My plan for April? Get it together. Update the website. Have a provocative question at hand. Be prepared for opportunities. Hold my shoulders back, my stomach in, and my head up. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.